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Anonymous: What is your opinion on flat chested women? Iam 19 and I'm still flat chested, i've never embraced my flat chest because I'm extremely insecure

Sometimes I’m actually a little jealous of them, there are certain things I think look better on girls with smaller breasts (as far as clothing). People’s obsession with big breasts is silly because no matter what they’re pretty. Try thinking to yourself that no matter what you look like there is someone out there (me for example) who will find you beautiful unconditionally and embrace yourself. :)


  1. bobmarrone said: When a large chested woman hits her 40s and 50s, they now are down by their knees and not attractive. Flat chested woman in their 40s and 50s are still pretty perky and quite beautiful.
  2. mydimecollection said: If I may…beauty, attraction, and overall value possessed by the oposite sex, just can’t be summed up with a cup size. Also, have experienced D’s, and then down to A’s….I prefered the more modest pair…something about how sensitive they were.
  3. 404blognotfound said: I personally LOVE flat chests. I mean, they’re all pretty good, but A and B cups are pretty nice.
  4. bambiwrangler said: Small boobs are better
  5. lizmcawesomesauce said: I would trade with someone any day for smaller breasts.
  6. carrionrun said: I love my itty bitties!!
  7. bonnyscottishescort said: Small boobs are more convenient, and actually look good in peasant blouses and the like. Also, they won’t sag when you’re an old lady, so you’ll be a better GMILF ;-P
  8. sneeooosh said: baur.de/content… I found this pic on reddit. Anon might find it interesting to know tiny boobs were popular in the 1920s, pointy ones in the 1950s, and large ones in the 90s. Embrace your body, not a fad.
  9. kissedbynostalgia said: I love small breasts! And so do a lot of guys. “Anything more than a mouthful is a waste”
  10. jessifirefly said: I have larger breasts, but am so attracted to girls with smaller chests. They are beautiful!
  11. girl-thursday said: I have a small chest, 34 B, and I love my “exquisite miniatures.” I keep thinking that I won’t have to worry about my boobs sitting in my lap when I’m old. :p
  12. wearetheunsungheroes said: boys don’t care what size a girls breasts are when it really comes down to it, unless they’re especially shallow, in which case they shouldn’t matter anyway. breasts are breasts, and they’re all fun. embrace them, love them, be proud of how you look.
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